What Benefits Does Glazed Pool Fencing Offer?


To begin with, your local glass pool fencing contractor should be able to fit fencing around your home's swimming pool that meets the local code. Regulations surrounding pool fencing differ depending on which state you happen to live in and, sometimes, city codes mean that further interpretations of the rules can apply. However, glazing products can be used throughout Australia for pool fencing so long as they meet the height and shape regulations. As opposed to conventional garden fencing or railings, why is glass pool fencing such a good option? Read on to find out.


One of the big benefits of reinforced glass surrounding a pool is that it won't matter how many times it gets splashed by water from the pool or rain. It simply will not suffer any damage whatsoever from exposure to moisture. All you need to do is to wipe it down once in a while to keep it in mint condition. Note that it won't even react or discolour due to any cleansing chemicals you have in your pool.

Safe and Strong

The glazed panels used for glass fencing are strong. Typically, it will be made from safety glass that can withstand impacts and abrasion. It will also be thick enough to prevent it from breaking even if someone strikes it deliberately. As such, it is a fencing product you can have a great deal of confidence with, especially if you have pets or children who play in your garden, and a few bumps here and there can be expected.


Although you can get tinted glass pool fencing if that is your preference, one of the things many people like about it is that it is see-through. This way, you can keep an eye on the occupants of your pool even if you are not in it with them. Equally, when you choose to take a dip, you'll be able to see what else is going on in and around your property.

Stop Flying Insects

Some bugs are attracted to swimming pools because they are moist and usually full of light and heat. With railings fencing off your pool, such creatures find it easy to make their way to the waterside. However, with solid glass panels blocking their path, it is much easier to keep an outdoor swimming pool free from insects and other bugs. Equally, some insects, such as wasps, can try to build nests in wooden pool fences. This won't be the case with a glazed alternative, however.

For more information on glass pool fencing, contact a professional near you.


11 November 2022

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