Six Tips for Fighting Rust on Metal Fences


Metal fencing can be more durable than wood fencing, but the one thing that can really plague metal fencing is rust. Want to keep rust at bay? Take a look at these fence care tips.

1. Buy a Coated Fence

When choosing your metal fence, make sure that you look for a fence that has been coated with a weather resistant material. Whether you opt for privacy fencing consisting of giant sheets or metal or cyclone fencing with interwoven metal strands, the metal needs the right coating to protect it from rust.

2. Consider Marine Paint

If you already have a metal fence and you don't think it's coated, you may want to paint it. To give your fence as much protection as possible, make sure to use paint designed for us on metal outside. Ideally, you may want to use marine paint. That is especially resistant to rust and corrosion.

3. Rinse Salt Water Off the Fence

Salt can be a big contributor to rust and if you live near the seaside, you should rinse your fence on a regular basis. Use your hosepipe and start at the top of the fence. That way the salt runs down the fence and you get each subsequent layer of salt as you work your way down the fence. If you start at the bottom, you will miss some of the salt residue that runs down the fence.

4. Repair Rust Spots

When you see rust on your metal fence, it's important to remove it as soon as possible before it spreads. In most cases, you can scrub rust off with a bit of steel wool. Be careful so you don't accidentally take off any of the surrounding metal. Rub the steel wool in a circular pattern until the rust is gone. At that point, there may be some exposed and uncoated metal. Consider painting that to prevent the appearance of more rust.

5. Add Lubricant to Moving Parts

In some cases, pieces of metal rubbing against each other can lead to rust. To prevent rust around moving parts such as gate hinges, consider adding lubrication to those areas. Your fence contractor may be able to recommend a lubricant, or you can simple use a silicone lubricant.

6. Hire a Professional

Finally, in some cases, you may want to elicit the help of a professional. If the rust keeps appearing and you're not sure why, a professional can give you advice on what to do.


12 April 2017

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