Benefits of Aluminium Fencing for a Home


While fencing uses plenty of materials, aluminium is an attractive and practical option for a home. Here are several benefits spelt out.

Low Maintenance 

If you install an aluminium fence, you can largely ignore it in terms of upkeep. Aluminium naturally resists rust, so you don't have to vigilantly watch out for spots of rust that you have to treat before they spread. On the other hand, some types of steel can rust, and timber needs regular refinishing.

Aluminium fences are often powder coated, a method that sprays items with a powder mixture and bakes them at extreme temperatures. This finish is tough and doesn't commonly flake off. An aluminium fence will simply require a wash with a garden hose if it gets dirty.

Design Variety

Aluminium is shaped into varied fence styles that complete different settings. In a small front yard with a table and chairs on a porch or veranda, a slat fence is perfect for creating privacy while keeping the yard open. These fences consist of horizontal pieces of aluminium that are regularly spaced. You can create them with wider or narrower slats and adjust the gaps to balance privacy with openness.

Slat fences give a home a modern, clean look, and you have plenty of colour choices like grey, blue, and green. The metal slats can also be treated to look like pieces of timber for a rustic look.

Tubular metal fences, which open the front garden to the street, offer more designs. You can choose a barrier with loops, spears, circles and many other elements. A tall, spear-top front fence helps secure your property, as intruders can't hide behind the fencing.

You can also choose from aluminium picket fences, a fence style that complements a range of heritage architectures. Tubular fences also harmonise with period houses as well as modern ones.

Easy Installation

Being a lightweight metal, aluminium is relatively easy to install and transport. On a hilly property, you can install stackable fence panels that adjust to the slope. A fence supplier can advise on the best options.


Additionally, aluminium is recyclable. A fence you purchase may contain some recycled content, and you can send it to a recycling plant when the time for replacement arrives. Thus, an aluminium fence helps the environment in that you don't have to eventually toss it into a landfill, where it would contribute to the waste problem.

Talk to a local fence supplier to learn more.



7 June 2023

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