The Amazing Benefits That Aluminium Slat Fences Provide


When it is time to install a fence around your home, there are so many fencing choices that you can find it hard to decide among them. If you're contemplating installing a slat fence, you should know that they're not all created equal. While they all have the same style, slat fences come in a variety of materials including wood, galvanised steel, composite, and aluminium. 

Aluminium slat fences are one of the most sought-after slatted fences because of the unique and impressive benefits that they have to offer. Check out some amazing benefits of these fences below. 

Aluminium Slat Fences Don't Warp Like Wood 

When picking a material for your slatted fence, you should know that some materials may warp. Almost every wood is susceptible to warping but some woods warp at a faster rate than others. Warping reduces the performance and durability of wood slat fences but also ruin their initial aesthetics. This, in turn, reduces the kerb appeal of a property and its surrounding areas. 

If you want to install a slat fence that won't warp, aluminium is a perfect material for your fence installation project. Unlike wood, aluminum doesn't absorb moisture, which usually causes warping in materials that don't dry at a steady rate when wet.

Aluminium Slat Fences Don't Rot Away or Get Eaten by Insects

Because fences are installed outside, they will get wet in humid weather or when it rains. Wood slat fences are likely to rot or get eaten by wood-loving insects when they are exposed to wet environments over time. 

If you don't want to deal with rot and insect attacks on your slat fence, you should build the fence with aluminium. Aluminium slat fences offer protection from rot and insects that may reduce your fence's lifespan. 

Aluminium Slat Fences Are Highly Resistant to Corrosion 

One of the biggest enemies of metal fencing products is corrosion. When exposed to corrosive environments, most metal fences easily get eaten away by rust. Rust reduces the strength and durability of these fences but also ruins their initial aesthetics.

Aluminium slat fences remain incredibly hard and durable, even in corrosive environments because they have a secret weapon that many other metals don't have – an oxide layer that protects the substrate metal from corrosion.

Aluminium forms a thin coat of aluminium oxide on its surface when it reacts with the oxygen in the atmosphere. The oxide layer provides aluminium slat fences with a much-needed layer of protection against rust attacks.

If you'd like to learn more about aluminium slat fences and the benefits they can offer, talk to a fencing contractor near you today.


27 March 2020

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