Considerations When Choosing A Front Fence


A front fence not only encircles your property and delineates its boundaries, but it either enhances or detracts from the overall aesthetics. Thus, when planning one, you need to carefully sift through all the various options in materials and designs. To help you arrive at a final choice, consider the following factors.


Of prime importance is the degree of privacy you expect from the fence. Do you want to use the front yard to relax and socialise in freely, or do you simply consider it somewhere to walk across to get to the front door? Some fence styles, such as picket fences, outline your property while not obscuring the view from the street, so you may not feel comfortable using the front garden space. On the other hand, an aluminium or timber slat fence's forte is privacy. With such styles, you can pick both the slat width and in-between spacing to create the perfect degree of seclusion. Slat fences don't create a boxed-in feeling. If you live on a busy road, you could line the inside of the fence with planter boxes filled with greenery which will help to disguise the wall and make the yard feel larger through layering. 


Your home's architectural style should also affect your decision. For a modern home, a cement-rendered fence, which contractors can pigment any colour, may provide the ideal solution. Whether the cladding on your house is brick, timber or cement, you could repeat that material within the fence for a pleasing cohesion. Otherwise, select a different but complementary material for the fence, remembering that you can mix elements such as brick pillars with tubular metalwork or concrete with wood. 

For a cottage home and garden, a quaint picket fence in timber or PVC might best enhance your home. Alternatively, if your house's architecture is traditional, it might suit a classic tubular metal fence in either a more straightforward flat-top design or an elaborate spearhead model complete with decorative scrolls. Examine the roofing and trim shades, in particular, when planning the wall colour.

Safety And Security

Another factor to consider is whether the fence needs to contain children or pets and whether a prime aim is to deter intruders. Higher slat designs and tall tubular fences are two possibilities, both of which allow for a view from the street. By not blocking vision entirely, such barriers don't create a secluded front yard in which intruders can wreak havoc. Make sure that the model you choose does not provide convenient footholds for climbing but instead makes climbing more difficult. Fence contractors can advise you on the best security and safety options. 


30 March 2020

Factors To Remember When Replacing Your Fence

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