Over-Hyped or the Real Deal? The Real Benefits of Structural Steel Products in Construction


Ever wondered why many modern construction contractors favour fabricated steel as a structural material in construction? There are numerous reasons steel products are a suitable choice for construction jobs. If you're planning on building a fabricated steel structure, you should know the benefits of structural steel ahead of time.

Check out some of the huge benefits associated with the use of fabricated steel components in construction. 

Structural Steel Provide High Strength to the Entire Construction

Looking to construct a long-span building? In these buildings, the major concern is to create large, unobstructed, column-free spaces for a variety of functions. Some examples of such buildings include factories, indoor playing courts, warehouses, hangars and supermarkets. 

When used for structural support, structural steel frames can provide the structural system needed to achieve long distances between columns.

Structural Steel Can Easily Be Turned into Multiple Shapes

Owing to its ductility and malleability, structural steel can easily be fabricated to create different shapes needed for different construction purposes.

Whether you need I-beams, hollow sections, angle beams or bearing piles for your project, a steel fabricator can deliver all the universal and custom steel shapes that you need for your unique project.

Structural Steel Is a Durable and Cost-Effective Building Material

One of the major drawbacks of structural steel is that it costs relatively more to use than structural concrete and timber. While the initial price tag of building with structural steel may be higher than alternative materials, the former provides greater value for money. 

In addition to its inherent strength, structural steel is fabricated to resist corrosion, scratches, abrasion, fire and other elements that may cause premature failure of steel structures. 

The longevity that structural steel elements provide makes them a cost-effective building material over the long term. Structural steel leads to even greater cost savings when recycled steel is used.

Structural Steel Can Be Fully Recycled

As already mentioned above, structural steel can be recycled when it reaches the end of its useful service life. The recyclability of steel makes it an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice for construction applications.

As you can see, structural steel products can bring some enormous benefits to the construction industry. If you'd like to find out more about these benefits, get in touch with a steel fabrication professional near you today. These industry experts will provide you with a quote for your projects once you're ready to build with fabricated steel.


2 April 2020

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