Three Reasons to Choose Glass over Other Materials for Balustrades


The main reason why contractors install balustrades is to give support to staircases and form a protective measure on landings. However, there are contractors who, in addition to using the balustrades for their functional benefits, also utilise them for their aesthetic appeal. Balustrades come in a variety of materials, and each of them has its own pros and cons. Some of the common materials include steel, vinyl, fibreglass and glass. Glass balustrades have especially become very popular and for a good reason. Here are three reasons to consider installing glass over other balustrade types.

Creating the Illusion of Space

One of the visual and spatial problems created by the erection of barriers on landings and staircases is that they make the space appear smaller than it is. This is a common problem when solid materials such as metallic blocks, stones and wood are used to create balustrades. When you use glass, it creates a continuous flow as the eyes cannot perceive the physical barrier, yet it exists. This creates an illusion of extra space in the mind. The open, expanded and fresh atmosphere is, therefore, a great benefit that comes from glass balustrades.

Giving a Touch of Elegance

Another amazing thing about glass as a material used to create balustrades is that it gives your interiors a touch of elegance that few of the other materials can afford. Glass is one of the construction materials that are associated with modern interior design, and when installed, it reflects light and creates a clean appearance to the interior, something that other materials might not help you achieve. Glass is also the perfect complement to all other building and construction materials and will blend in with any other construction plans you have.

Providing Safety and Security

There was a time when people used to shy away from the use of glass in construction because it was fragile. With the improvement in technology, however, it has become quite easy to reinforce glass and even make it bulletproof. Glass types such as tempered glass are designed in such a way that even if they shatter, the pieces are not sharp and will not cause anyone bodily harm.

There are many more benefits that come from the use of glass in the manufacture of balustrades. The most crucial thing to remember about using the material is that you have to procure the glass from competent fabricators. Additionally, you need to involve professionals in the installation process for durable and attractive balustrades. 

To learn more about glass balustrades, contact glass installers in your area.


2 April 2020

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