Sliding vs. Swinging Automated Gate: Which Is the Best Option for Your Home?


An automated gate provides the convenience of allowing you to control the entrance of your property using automated controls. What's more, it boosts the safety of your home by restricting access to only authorised vehicles and persons. If you're thinking of installing an automatic gate, you have to choose between the slide and swing designs. Sliding ones run on a tracked or trackless cantilever system, while swinging ones open and close in a wide half-circle. The following essential factors should inform the choice between these two designs.

Available Installation Space

The available space for installation will ultimately determine the best design for your automatic gate. If you have limited space in your driveway, you may not be able to work with a swing gate as it opens in a half-circle. In this case, a sliding gate would be ideal as it slides back into a wall or fence. All you require is a strip of space on one or both sides of the entrance to accommodate the opening. However, if you have adequate space in your driveway, you can get a swinging gate. However, note that the longer the fixture is, the more room it will need to swing.

The Slope of the Ground

How sloped is the ground on your driveway? Does it feature a steep slope, or is it flat? If your gate area is sloped, a swing gate must always open towards the downslope. Even with a robust automated opener, the gate may not be able to open upwards. If this is a limiting factor, consider going for a slide gate instead. Since the gate rolls back into a wall instead of swinging inwards, the slope won't affect its operation. 

General Appearance and Kerb Appeal 

When choosing a gate design, you want one that will improve the appearance of your outdoor space. As long as you choose a beautiful design, your gate will look appealing when closed. However, the difference comes when you open it. Sliding gates disappear into the strip along the fence or wall, making your driveway look neat and attractive. On the other hand, a swinging gate swings into the driveway, and this may make the space look busy and cluttered. Therefore, if appearance matters to you, consider going for the sliding design.

Simplicity of the Installation Process

Both sliding and swinging gates are incredibly easy to install. However, with the former, you may need to do some prep work to prepare the fence or wall in which the gate will slide into. Similarly, depending on their size and weight, swinging gates can be affected by wind loading on the fixture. Therefore, you need to get a quality automated opener that can handle the wind loads exerted on the gate and promote smooth operation. 

Both swing and slide gates are excellent choices for residential homes. Have these factors in mind when choosing between the two designs.


13 April 2020

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