Four Common Reasons People Install A Fence Around Their Homes


When it comes to installing a fence around your home, there are many fence types available in the marketplace. Each fence type provides a unique set of features, advantages, and disadvantages that should be considered to determine its suitability for the intended purpose. 

Here are some common reasons people build a fence around their residential properties.

1. For Establishing Boundaries 

No matter the size of the property that you live on, it is important to have it fenced. Leaving your residential property unfenced would make it vulnerable to trespass by neighbours who aren't committed to respecting the line that separates your property from theirs. This can lead to endless disputes concerning the location of your property lines.

Installing a fence will help to indicate your property's boundary lines, thus keeping everyone on their side of the fence. 

2. For Safety and Security

A fence is an essential safety feature that almost every homeowner can benefit from. If you have small children and active pets, it is important to keep them confined to your property so they don't wander off and get injured or lost.

Fence installation can also help to keep intruders out of your home. Without the physical deterrence that a fence provides, outsiders can enter the property and steal stuff or even hurt your loved ones.

3. For Privacy

Is privacy a major concern in your home? While your outdoor space may serve as an extension of your indoor space, it may not provide the same level of privacy as the home interior.

Meals taken outdoors may not be as intimate as those taken indoors if you're worried about nosy neighbours watching or listening in on you. A privacy fence will provide the privacy that you desire outside your home.

4. For Aesthetics

Beyond the practical benefits it can provide, a fence can also add aesthetic value to a residential property. Fencing products come in a variety of materials, colours, and finishes to suit the architectural style of almost any home.

For example, wood picket fences look great on traditional-style homes, as they add rustic appeal to the properties.

There is no such thing as the best fence for all homes. The appropriate fence for your home depends on the specific reasons you want to install the fence. Feel free to contact a fencing contractor near you to discuss your options and to get a quote for your fence installation job.


14 April 2020

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