Why Chain Wire Fencing Still Remains a Popular Fencing Option


Sometimes referred to as chain link, chain mesh or diamond mesh fencing, chain wire fencing is one of the oldest and most in-demand types of wire-based fencing available in the market today. Like many other types of fencing, it can serve different purposes depending on the property owner's needs. 

Some common applications of chain link fencing include rural farm fencing, perimeter fencing for private properties, sports ground fencing, public park fencing, temporary fencing, wildlife fencing, and more.

Chain wire fencing has a variety of features and advantages that contribute to its versatility as a fencing option. Take a look at some of the key reasons why it is considered to be one of the best fencing options. 

Chain Wire Fencing Offers the Perfect Blend of Quality and Price 

Chain wire fencing is one of the most inexpensive fencing materials you can find in the market today. Chain link fences are fabricated steel wire products that are designed with the needs of different users in mind. They come in a variety of gauges, mesh sizes, roll heights, and finishing options to provide maximum functionality and appeal for every fencing application. 

Chain mesh fences are usually available in galvanised steel or PVC-coated wire. Both are low-maintenance fencing options, depending on the elements that you need to protect your fence against. For example, galvanised steel wire fences are ideal for use in areas where a fence may be susceptible to corrosion.

Plus, chain mesh fences are relatively easier to install than many alternative fence types. This leads to further savings on the cost of fence installation. 

If you're looking to strike the right balance between quality and price, you needn't look further than chain mesh fencing. Only a few fencing products can beat it when it comes to cost-effectiveness. 

Chain Wire Fencing Offers High Visibility and Less Wind-Resistance

On properties where there is a need to maintain visibility of both sides of a fence, chain link fences are a clear winner. Thanks to their open-weave design, these wire fences provide a clear view through the fence. While this see-through design may allow outsiders to see into a property through the fence, it also serves as the perfect security feature.

Few potential intruders will be daring enough to breach a fence that provides them with little concealment. This explains why chain mesh fences are widely used on large properties where security is a major concern.

In cases where there is a need to protect fences from strong winds, chain link fences work perfectly, as they provide less resistance to wind forces.

If you think that a chain wire fence is right for you, consider contacting a local fencing contractor to discuss your needs. They'll help you choose and install a fencing product that will serve you well.


20 April 2020

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