Top Benefits of Lattice Fencing for Nature Lovers


As a nature lover, your outdoor space design should include green spaces such as a backyard. Unfortunately, most homeowners think that they need to dig deep into their pockets to make this possible. However, nothing could be further from the truth because something as simple as lattice screens can transform a dull backyard into a sanctuary. Notably, a lattice is a practical, low-cost fencing option for nature lovers, which can be implemented as a DIY project. This article highlights the top benefits of lattice fencing.

Allows Free Flow of Air -- Summertime can be sweltering, and this is when most people want to sit outside and enjoy a breeze in their backyards. Solid fencing makes this impossible because it restricts airflow into a yard, thereby defeating the purpose of going out for fresh air. On the other hand, a lattice screen is designed to allow lots of fresh air through its openings unhindered. Moreover, poor air circulation in your backyard can adversely affect the vegetation on your property. Therefore, not only do lattice screens purify the air, but they also enhance the health of plants on your compound.

See Beyond the Fencing -- The last thing you need when relaxing in your backyard is an obstructed view of the landscape beyond, especially for properties with a scenic view. However, this is what you get with solid screens. For example, you will be doing yourself a disservice by installing steel panel fencing if your backyard overlooks beautiful hills. However, it is difficult to go wrong with lattice screens in such a case. You can install lattice screens with large holes for an unobstructed view of your scenic backyard. If you live in a busy neighbourhood but still want a clear view, then select lattice screens with small holes. It ensures that you do not compromise your privacy and keeps noise levels low.

Hide Eyesore Spots -- Compost pits and garbage bins are perennial backyard occupants in most homes, and they can be a real eyesore. While you can cover a compost pit and garbage bins with polythene paper, it is not an aesthetic option. In contrast, solid screens such as aluminium or wood panels take up too much space besides messing a landscape design. Lattice screens offer the perfect solution for hiding such items from plain view without taking up too much space. Moreover, you can plant climbers on lattice screens to add to the obscurity and landscape aesthetics.

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1 June 2020

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