A Guide On Auto Gate Installation


Automatic gates are gates that operate using an electric mechanism. It could be a sensor, button or remote control device. These gates will not only improve the security of your home but also its value. Read this excerpt to learn how to install an automatic gate in your home.

Type of Gate

Automatic gates are similar to the standard gate. As such, you could choose a gate made from cast iron, aluminium, wood, vinyl or Colorbond. Typically, the gate should enhance the appeal of your property. However, you should avoid very heavy material as it could overwork the operating mechanism. Remember to check zoning regulations and strata laws for restrictions on gate installation. 

Swing gates are a preferable choice for most homeowners since they are easy to install. However, you should check the opening arch to ensure it does not affect passers-by or hinder or damage vehicles approaching the gate. Cantilever and slide gates are ideal if you cannot install a swing gate. Vertical lift gates are commonly used in industrial and commercial premises.

Operating Mechanism

Critically examine the gate's automatic operator. It should be rated to pull a load higher than the gate's weight. The operating mechanism could either be electric-, solar- or battery-powered. If it has a battery, inquire how long the battery lasts. Electric and solar operators should have a backup power source to kick in if you do not have power.

Check the opening and closing speed of the operating mechanism. If it is too slow, you could get impatient at the gate. It also exposes you to security risks at night. On the other hand, a fast gate operator could hit your vehicle during opening and closing. Most gate operators have a residential or industrial rating. This refers to the number of opening and closing cycles the operator should run before requiring replacement or maintenance. Go for an industrial-rated operator if the gate will open and close multiple times a day. 

Most gates have a remote that activates the operator. However, what would happen if you lost your remote? Go for a gate with an alternative means of entry such as a digital keypad or fingerprint sensor. Some high-quality automatic gates incorporate number-plate detection systems.

Remember to install security systems such as an intercom and CCTV at your automatic gate. It allows you to identify people at the gate. Purchase the automatic gate from reputable manufacturers that provide warranties. Additionally, the gate should be installed by an auto gate installation contractor.


16 July 2020

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