Why Choose Frameless Glass Fencing Over Metal Pool Fencing?


Metal fencing is a popular fence material for pool fences throughout Australia. And when compared to frameless pool fencing, it is cheaper. But metal fencing has a few downsides too, such as its susceptibility to corrosion damage from chlorine.

Frameless glass pool fencing has none of the downsides of metal fencing and, in fact, has several advantages that make it ideal for some homeowners.

Frameless glass fencing won't corrode when exposed to chlorine

Metal fences suffer corrosion when exposed to chlorine-laden air. While metal fences do have a protective coating, this coating gradually erodes, leaving the metal exposed. Glass doesn't corrode when exposed to chlorine. Therefore, the time and money spent on maintenance will be less with a frameless glass pool fence.

Frameless glass fencing conserves views

The balusters and railings of metal fences may be small, but they can still block your view of the surrounding area. If you live in a beautiful area, this is a bad thing. A frameless glass fence will fade into the background and leave the surrounding view untouched.

Frameless glass fencing opens up your yard space

The opaque nature of metal fences means that they appear to take up valuable yard space. This can leave a yard feeling cramped. But with a frameless glass pool fence, your yard will still feel spacious because you have a solid yet transparent barrier around your pool.

Frameless glass fencing provides you with an unobstructed view of your pool

When looking at your pool from within your home, the components of a metal pool fence will block some of your view. If you have children, a frameless glass pool fence is much better because you can keep an eye on your children as they swim. Glass pool fencing also helps to improve security because of the unobstructed view it provides.

Frameless glass fencing will enhance your yard's features, not block them

If you have worked hard on turning your yard into a peaceful, beautiful oasis, then a metal pool fence will only serve to obstruct your view of that hard work. A frameless glass fence means that you can enjoy existing features and add even more features without any obstruction.

Frameless glass fencing keeps more pests out of the pool area

The gaps in metal fences may be too small for humans, but they are large enough to allow pests like snakes and rats to enter the pool area, as well as insects. Frameless glass fences can provide an impenetrable barrier to pests if you design them to do so.

Talk to a fencing contractor to learn more about frameless glass pool fencing.


15 March 2021

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