Benefits of Aluminium Slat Gates


If you're planning to install an aluminium slat gate on your property, you may wonder what benefits you'll enjoy. To find out what's on offer, read on.


Aluminium is a relatively lightweight metal, which makes it excellent for gates. If you're installing a manual pedestrian front gate, it will be easy to swing open and closed. You won't struggle to push heavy timber or steel. Light aluminium is perfect for low-energy automated driveway gates, too, as the mechanism will efficiently operate them. Additionally, lightweight gates are more straightforward to install than heavier gates, bringing down installation costs.

Customisation Options

Aluminium slat designs are simple to harmonise with the landscape. They come in numerous powder-coated colours such as brown, charcoal, cream, and green. The slats of the gate can be set variously to create different privacy levels. For example, wide slats put close together form a more substantial visual block than thin slats set wide apart, which are easier to see through.


An aluminium slat gate is resilient to varying weather conditions. Aluminium naturally resists rust, making it ideal for coastal environments with corrosive salty air that can wreak havoc on other materials. In contrast, steel can rust unless it's galvanised or stainless and covered in powder-coated paint. Aluminium is also more resilient than timber, which can rot and warp in moist environments or succumb to termites. All your aluminium gates will need is a hose down now and again, to remove dirt and debris.


If you're interested in creating an eco-friendly home, then aluminium gates will help with that endeavour. This metal is recyclable, so your new gate may contain recycled aluminium already. Additionally, after the gate has protected your home for many years, it can be recycled to create another helpful object rather than end up in a landfill. You can feel pleased that you're not using a gate material that can't be reused again or breakdown, adding to the waste buildup problem.

Thus, aluminium slat gates offer several benefits. Their lightweight nature makes them easy to operate, and they won't be a strain to open or close. You can customise these gates with different colours and designs to suit the environment and create your desired privacy level. Aluminium withstands the elements without rusting, rotting or warping, and the gate will require little upkeep. Plus, aluminium is a recyclable metal that can be repurposed into new objects when the time comes.


29 March 2021

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