What Are the Benefits of a Chain-Link Gate?


A chain-link fence gate installation will not take long in the hands of a professional team of fencing contractors. Nevertheless, gates tend to be an afterthought for many people who simply want an affordable way to mark out the perimeter of their property with a straightforward fence. If you are currently considering different fencing systems and want to include a fence gate installation or two, then why should you opt for chain-link? Read on to find out.

Uniformity of Look

The first thing to be said about a chain-link gate is that it will not look out of place with any type of fencing installation. Of course, chain-link gates are ideal if you have chain-link fencing but you do not have to ignore the benefits of them if you have palisade fencing, solid steel fence panels or even timber fences. With a chain-link fence gate installation, the frame for each gate will be independent of whichever type of fence you have. Therefore, all of your gated entry points can be made of chain-link panels even if you choose another material. That said, for the most uniform look, most people opt for chain-link gates and fencing together.

A Low-Cost Fence Gate

Although there are many low-cost fencing options, when it comes to a fence gate installation, few will beat chain-links. This is because it is a very light material that needs only a modest amount of framing. Consequently, they are cheap and easy to install. The cost is also better because of the lower material costs in the manufacturing processes and the ease of distribution which comes with this type of fence gate.

Versatility and Longevity

Another great thing about a chain-link gate is that they can be fitted with any height of fence, cover short spans or long ones and include privacy screens if wanted. Attaching a privacy screen to a chain-link gate takes moments, and it can also be removed when you don't need it. This is not the case with solid fence gates, of course, which don't offer this adaptability. In addition, chain link gates last a very long time with virtually no maintenance — just like chain-link fences.

Beef Up Security

Finally, chain-link fences are hard to scale over. Any that are above head height will form a strong barrier against intrusion. Of course, it is possible to cut through chain-link gates, but their frames are much harder to force apart, so this type of gate will often prevent thefts of bulkier items, including vehicles and farm machinery, for example.

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5 May 2021

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