The Versatility of Chain Link Fences


Chain link fences consist of vertical strands of wire which are weaved together to form a diamond-patterned mesh. These structures can be modified in countless ways, making them a versatile option. Read on to discover more.

Fence Purpose and Function

You can adapt these fences to satisfy different purposes and functions. The woven mesh comes in rolls of different heights. To assemble the barrier, contractors dig posts into the earth and attach the wire. They also connect a rail along the top and possibly a tension wire along the bottom to hold the webbing taut.

This modular setup is easy to tailor to various purposes. For example, to encircle a home front garden, installers can use waist-high mesh and posts. Alternatively, they can install taller webbing for a tennis court and attach extra horizontal rails to keep it tight. Finally, if you run a high-security business, you can place razor wire along the top to deter would-be climbers.

These barriers can enclose public and private properties, including sports fields and parks. And you can adjust them to your own personal needs to create a dog run in your yard or shield a vegetable patch from being dug up by your pet dog.


Chain link fencing is also adaptable in terms of its visibility. You can install a standard chain link fence that lets you see through the mesh. This clarity helps with security installations as would-be intruders can be spied from a distance. Additionally, the mesh doesn't create a closed-in feel around a front garden, and it lets the sunshine beam on your plants to help them thrive.

However, clear visibility is not the only option. You can weave slats through the diamond mesh to make the fence more private. Unique pre-designed slats are manufactured for this specific purpose, and they can be interwoven to create a horizontal, vertical or diagonal pattern.

You could insert vinyl slats that come in colours like green, black, blue and cream. Or else, use timber slats for a warmer, natural-look fence. Another option is to weave faux green fronds within the diamonds to create the appearance of a hedge. Different slats offer varying privacy levels. For example, some provide 75 per cent coverage and others 85 per cent, so you can create the privacy level you desire.

Slats provide ultimate flexibility as you can weave them through the entire fence or selected areas. For example, you could make the front sections private of a home front fence and leave the sides open. You can build a chain wire mesh fence and accessorise it with decorative slats to create a trellis-like effect to offer shade in your backyard.

To learn more about chain link fencing, contact a local fence contractor.


10 June 2021

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