The Amazing Benefits That Aluminium Slat Fences Provide


When it is time to install a fence around your home, there are so many fencing choices that you can find it hard to decide among them. If you're contemplating installing a slat fence, you should know that they're not all created equal. While they all have the same style, slat fences come in a variety of materials including wood, galvanised steel, composite, and aluminium.  Aluminium slat fences are one of the most sought-after slatted fences because of the unique and impressive benefits that they have to offer.

27 March 2020

Six Tips for Fighting Rust on Metal Fences


Metal fencing can be more durable than wood fencing, but the one thing that can really plague metal fencing is rust. Want to keep rust at bay? Take a look at these fence care tips. 1. Buy a Coated Fence When choosing your metal fence, make sure that you look for a fence that has been coated with a weather resistant material. Whether you opt for privacy fencing consisting of giant sheets or metal or cyclone fencing with interwoven metal strands, the metal needs the right coating to protect it from rust.

12 April 2017